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What is Taste the 413?

Taste the 413 is a website focused on promoting local restaurants and tastey food events in Western MA.

What can Taste the 413 do for my restaurant?

Taste the 413 for Restaurants enables you to reach out to current and potential customers, post daily specials and display your menu. Taste the 413 for Restaurants also encourages you to add your own dish photos and descriptions to create a visual guide to get taste buds watering. Oh, did we mention it's FREE! All you need to do is email us what you want posted on our site to

How do I get my restaurant on Taste the 413?

Please visit our Add a Restaurant page to add your restaurant for FREE to the Taste the 413 site. We are constantly growing the list of approved restaurants!

How can I edit the information on my listing?

If you notice the information we have for you needs to be updated or you want to add more information you can submit a request to Please be sure to include all of the information you want added or updated. Thank you!

How do I get my food related event on Taste the 413?

Please email the event details to All submissions are reviewed prior to showing up on Taste the 413.

How do I report a post I feel is inappropriate?

If you feel that a post is inappropriate please email us at and we will address it as fast as possible. Please be sure to include the restaurant name and inappropriate copy.

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